The Crimson Chalice

The crimson chalice record sheet

The Crimson Chalice is an enigma as far as Rogue Trader ships are concerned. Designed as a hybrid vessel the Crimson Chalice contains forms of technology from both Imperial and Xeno sources. As a whole the ships overall design is relatively standard, though its true advantages lay in the many strange artifacts connected to it. Solomon Haarlock had placed an enormous resources into the particulars of this deep space vessel providing the new crew with a great deal of exploring and research in order to discover all of its unique intricacies.

Dimensions: 5km long, 0.8 km abeam at fins approximately.

Mass: 28 megatonnes approx.

Crew: 95000

Acceleration: 2.5 gravities max sustainable acceleration.

Total Modifiers

Turret Rating: +2

Maneuverability: +7

Speed: +1

Detection: +10 (+10 additional during an Endeavor, -10 when not).

Navigation: +10 to navigate the warp. Roll two times on Warp Travel Encounters, Navigator chooses which to apply.

Command Tests: +10 from the bridge (also applies to all social skill tests).

  • Trade: +50 achievement points towards completion.
  • Criminal: +50 achievement points towards completion.

Ship Assets

The Crimson Chalice

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