Rogue Trader

Commander overlooking scint

The Scion of Haarlock

After the events on the Burning Isle during their investigations for Inquisitor Marr, Stegg learned of his lineage to the Haarlock dynasty. Now aware of his position as a member of this ancient family line Stegg has acquired ownership over the near mythical vessel known as the Crimson Chalice, the legendary vessel Solomon Haarlock had secretly built to command his massive fleet but was never used as Solomon passed away before he could ride it into the stars. Just before Solomons death the clever Rogue Trader secretly had it buried beneath the Burning Isle on Solomon, deep below the House of Dust and Ash, where it was guarded by ancient traps. Stegg, now as active commander of the Crimson Chalice seeks out the mysteries behind his life and why he was left to be raised amongst the Avari tribe of Fedrid as well as locate his deceitful brother Erasmus Haarlock who desires Stegg’s life for reasons yet unknown. Stegg and Erasmus are the only two known survivors of the Haarlock lineage.

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Rogue Trader

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