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The Calixian Conclaves Acolyte Primer: The educational manual for the newly recruited Acolyte. Currently in the Works, author: David Lee.

Deathwatch Chapter Lexicanum: 180px deathwatchsymbolWithin is contained all matters pertaining to the Co-Campaign hosted by Warren. The Deathwatch campaign parallels the core campaign allowing players to dive into the role of Space Marines in an effort to assist Inquisitor Graves and the Ordo Xenos.

House Rules: Herein are some modifications and additions made to the Warhammer 40k RPG system rules as well as general rules concerning the campaign.

Character Creation: Players are free to choose from a wide assortment of both official and unofficial career choices.

Alien Ruin

The Amaranthine Syndicate: Herein is contained all of the intelligence obtained on this criminal organization.

Downloads: Download gaming aids to help spice up your gaming experience.

Rogue Trader: As both solders of the Inquisition and as acting senior members of a Rogue Trader dynasty it is important to know both you ships and your profit sources.

Explored Regions: View some data on places that have been visited in prior missions.

Adepta Organizational List: A breakdown of the political departmental structure of the Imperium.

Calixis Government: Governmental seats of the Calixis Sector

Ordo Calixis Departments: The Offices of the Tricorn Officio, Scintilla

Links: Some Warhammer 40k sites with inspirational info.

Main Page

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