House Rules

Rule Additions

Breaking Down a Door

Charging a door to knock it open varies in difficulty depending on the lock or brace used. To break a door down, the player may choose to either strike it or Ram it. Ramming requires Charge distance of 4 meters minimum and offers a +3 to the damage. A door is broken if the total damage exceeds the doors natural AP (or the locks) and sustains damage, as per the cover rule, against a primitive weapon (a body charge or stomp kick). No to hit roll is needed; damage die may also offer the Emperors Fury. If any damage done to the door is less than half its natural AP value than the attacker also receives damage as one level of fatigue.

Grenades and Distance

If a direct hit is made with an explosive, the damage will be at +5. For every meter away from the target the damage is at –1 up to a maximum of a –5 penalty (5 meters). This rule is designed to reflect concussive damage from an explosive that has the Blast (X) special effect only, this does not apply to Bolt Weapons only High Explosives such as missiles, grenades, mortars, and mines.

Experience Point Awarding

Players may receive the following XP awards during game play:

1. Purchasing their own copy of a core rule book: 250 xp.

2. Purchasing a supplemental rule book approved by the GM: 150 xp.

3. Reading a Warhammer 40k novel: 50 xp.

4. Reading the Amaranthine Syndicate material: 50 xp.

5. Creative gaming: 50-300 xp. This is largely based around the character’s skills and personality type. The award will be provided if the player applies his characters skills and and talents in a productive and unique manner that both expresses the characters personality as well inducing a noticeable change in the pace of the scenario. Awards are not gained simply due to a successful roll or by killing the opposition but through a cognitive and methodical application of skills and talents. Examples are as follows:

+50 XP for a Tech Priest that successfully extracts a servitors optical data store to acquire footage of an important event without any instruction to do so from others. Or for a player that tells a good joke, provides GM support, brings everyone snacks, or for a player that acts out his character towards another PC or NPC in an entertaining fashion.

+100 XP for a Scum character due to creative tactical planning and successful implementation for covertly breaking into a moving cargo hauler in order to steal a rare item.

+150 XP for an Arbitrator cleverly using his Inquiry, Charm, and Intimidation skills to gather information on two rival criminal syndicates and then applying the information to stage a confrontation between the two factions while his team covertly enters and extracts an important figure during the staged distraction.

+200 XP for an Imperial Guardsman that successfully develops and achieves a sound tactical ambush against a much larger force with little to no casualties or eliminates an armoured cavalry unit with only household supplies.

+300 XP for a Cleric that successfully tracks down the location of a Daemonhost through the use of his clerical network, investigative skills, and through the discovery of its true name. Then traps it through the use of hexagramatic wards, and exorcises the warp daemon from the host body thus saving the soul of a fellow Imperial that is aware of the location of a hidden heretical cult.

Essentially bonus XP for creative gaming is awarded for a single character achieving a “sub-adventure” (as was described in the above examples) of his own creation that is characterized by the theme of the character’s career and that allows the group to gain an advantage in the scenario’s main plot line while exhibiting the personality traits of their character. Keep in mind that XP awards should not be awarded for having the “final hit to kill” on an enemy or for simply rolling high numbers or gaining Emperors Fury, these awards are for creative role playing only.

6. Playing as an active leader (must provide group leadership): 50 xp each session.

Reach Rules

Weapons such as spears, whips, and any other weapons that can reach up to six meters allow the user to attack up to two squares distance. Also, anything over hulking size receives a +1 meter to reach per size category over hulking.


Taken from a AD&D Rule the flanking allows melee combatants to work together against foes that are flanked on opposite sides. If one opponent is flanked on both adjacent sides than both attackers will receive a +10 WS to hit the target. Also, using facing rules the attacker from the rear of the defender will induce a -10 to Parry or Dodge the defender.

Free Meter Step

Another taken from AD&D, this rule allows each combatant a free one meter step on their turn, if forced to dodge however the free meter move is simply induced into an available adjacent open space. If the defender is forced to move due to a Maneuver then they lose the free meter move. If they have already used their free meter step this turn they lose their free meter step on the following turn.


If using Dodge to avoid an area of effect ability or the kill zone of an automatic weapon the defender must use his Full Round move action to run out of the kill zone. If the character has already gone in the attack round but still has a Reaction then he receives only a half action on his fallowing turn in the next round unless the defender has the Sprint talent.

House Rules

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