Character Creation

Imperial Eagle

Bale Star characters are created using the rules established in each relative book. In other words if your playing a Dark Heresy character, you use the DH rules to design that character.

Characteristic Rolling

All players roll 2d10 in two columns of nine. Once the two columns are rolled up, pick the one column you prefer and assign the numbers to whatever statistics you wish.

Origin Path

All players must go through the Origin Path method of character creation. Dark Heresy characters automatically begin at 5th rank at the beginning of the campaign. The following list indicates the Career matrix position of a Dark Heresy Career. Please note that only one Rogue Trader may be in play during a campaign.

Adeptus Sororitas: Missionary
Adept: Seneschal
Arbitrator: Seneschal
Assassin: Arch Militant
Cleric: Missionary
Imperial Psyker: Astropath
Scum: Void Master
Tech Priest: Explorator
Commissar: Navigator
Sister of Silence: Void Master

Homeworlds and their equivalents are as follows for DH to RT transfer.
Mind Cleansed – Imperial World, Penal World
Schola Progenium – Noble Born, Child of Destiny
Feral World – Death World, Frontier World

Dark Heresy Characters receive the modifiers and abilities of their home world as per the descriptions provided in the Rogue Trader Books. Wounds are calculated accordingly. Talents and Skills are likewise chosen from the Rogue Trader book as per the books talent and skill descriptions though the expanded skill rules from the Inquisitors Handbook may still be applied.
Commerce is a Rogue Trader Skill available to Scum characters at 4th rank for 100xp. Lip Reading is available to Seneschals at 1st rank for 100xp.

Choices of Unique worlds as well as the Calixian Background Packages described in the Inquisitors Handbook are available as points in the Origin Path Matrix and categorized as follows:

Battlefleet Calaxis – Child of the Creed or Service to the Throne (Birthright)
Dusk – Scavenger or Fringe Survivor (Birthright)
Gunmetal City – Stubjack or Unnatural Origins (Birthright)
Maccabeus Quintus – Savant or Fringe Survivor (Birthright)
Sinophia – Savant or Fringe Survivor (Birthright)
Volg – Hive World or Battlefleet (Birthright)

Calixis Background Packages
Scum Packages – Of Extensive Means (Lineage)
Tech-Priest Packages: Accursed be thy Name (Lineage)
Adeptus – A Long and Glorious History (Lineage)
Assassins – A Proud Tradition (Lineage)
Clerics – Disgraced (Lineage)
Guardsman – A Proud Tradition (Lineage)
Psyker – A Long and Glorious Tradition (Lineage)

Starting Resources: All beginning Characters except a Rogue Trader (or member of his Dynasty) receive 5,000 Thrones starting money to purchase gear at the exclusion of the normal starting trappings. Profit Factor Acquisitions can only be rolled by members of a Rogue Trader Dynasty, all others must use contacts are make arrangements with a Rogue Trader. Monthly income for players belonging to a Rogue Trader crew is the same income as a noble (500 pr. month) but may be entitled to a percentage of completed “jobs” arranged with the Rogue Trader of the group.

Career Choices

All Dark Heresy Careers (beginning at rank 5).

All Rogue Trader Careers, only one Rogue Trader Career allowed in group at a time. (beginning at rank 1).

Sororita (Inquisitor Handbook, be sure to download the errata). Sororitas

Sister of Silence: Untouchable witch hunters.

Eldar Outcast: Available by special request only from the GM. Wandering Eldar warrior.

Commissar: Student of the Schola Progennium and a tactical leader.

Experience Point Distribution

Dark Heresy characters will begin at rank 5, so be sure to distribute points a single rank at a time, building up the character sequentially rank by rank. Do not compound the points and buy skills and talents from any of the five ranks. You will receive the maximum XP needed for each rank as building points. In other words, as a rank 1 Guardsman you get 499 points; once these are spent move onto the 2nd rank and spend 999 points on rank one or two advances and so on and so forth. Also, be sure to keep a detailed record of XP spent.

The Inquisitors Handbook

Alternate Career Ranks are available. If you are interested in an alternate rank be sure to indicate which rank you are substituting for. Backgrounds may be purchased as well if you can afford them, remember that they must be purchased at character creation.


Starting resources are as per starting gear for the chosen career. Dark Heresy characters may begin with an additional 5,000 thrones as well as their starting pay as 5th rank characters. Starting gear may be resold for base book value. Their are no availability limitations on gear purchases during character creation, the only exception being items restricted to the Inquisition, Assassin Cults, and Mechanicus priests (unless you play a Tech-priest). Purchasing contacts with XP may help to reduce the cost of gear only during game play, not character creation. Rogue Trader equipment is available for purchase but must be passed through the GM. After character creation, during game play, the group will have access to Profit Factor resources.

Character Creation

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