Bale Star

Mission 11: Tattered Fates

Begin Date: 005.817.M41

Session 1:
Waking up in captivity is a horrible experience unto itself. Waking up to find yourself in a feeding pit is worse. The group has awoken to find that they had been abducted by slavers and were to be food for some beasts. Barely escaping, the group found itself deep in the bowels of some planet, ship, or something. Their only clue was that a man with a heron mask was present at the feeding to release the beasts but had also murdered the slaver that kept them captive. The group then wandered the great mechanical passages eventually arriving at a slaver station where goods and supplies are being stored and delivered by armed personnel.

Characters Involved:
Novus, Stegg, the Kroot and Firewarrior, and Sigismund

Session 2:

Mission 10: Search for The Righteous Path

Start Date: 342.816.M41

Session One: After the completion of the Trial of Champions the Acolyte cadre was abducted by the planetary governor in an effort to gain information as to why they sought to acquire the data implant. It was by Inquisitor Graves’ intervention that the Acolytes were freed. Upon their return to Scintilla the group was granted leave time to attend to personal matters. Following up on a message from a distant servant of Stegg’s true Haarlock grandfather the group travels to Port Wander to meet. The servant gave the group a mnemolith (Astropathic messaging device)which gave vague details as to the location of the fabled ship The Righteous Path within the Koronus Expanse. Following the clues the group voyages beyond the Imperium and into Winterscales Realm, within a rarely traversed star system in the hope of locating the ancient treasure ship. Unfortunately a rival Rogue Trader is competing with them for the fabled vessel while the possibility of bounty hunters and a pair of Erasmus Haarlock’s most lethal assassins attempt to locate and kill Stegg.
SESSION 2: Upon your arrival at the Egrarian Dominion you began a search of the system for any clues to where the Righteous Path is located. The nearest planet was a frozen world and after an away team investigation it was learned that an Orc presence is within the system as well as an odd structure that emits an energy spike directed at the next planet. The second planet was a dessert planet. Upon its surface your team found a vast maze like ruin belonging once to an ancient civilization. You began a rcon investigation of the old city and made way to a large crystalline structure within its center. On the way, one of your rivals’ Guncutters crashed and was beset upon by native Orcs wielding primitive weapons. Your team attempted to eliminate all present at the crash site but though you successfully eliminated the small Orc war party two of the three crew of the Guncutter evaded your searches. Your team now proceeds to the large crystal structure.
Session 3: After a skirmish the group successfully recovers the Righteous Path thus increasing the value of Stegg’s dynasty. After the completion of the mission the Crimson Chalice sets off to recover Stegg’s adopted family to prevent any of his rivals, particularly those of the Haarlock line to use them as leverage.

Mission 9: The Trial of Champions

Mission date: 263.816.M41-335.816.M41

Session One: After a meeting with Inquisitor Graves your team traveled to the Malfian Subsector and into the Fydae System to locate the remains of Inquisitor Graves’ undercover agent. As the Inquisitor had informed, one of his acolytes was acting as an undercover agent within the Malfian branch of the Amaranthine Syndicate. Unfortunately he had been discovered and was forced to enter into a gladiatorial tournament called the Trial of Champions. He had made it through the preliminaries and entered into the final part of the Trial known as the Gauntlet. It was within this event that he had perished. The players are sent to the planet Fydae Minos to enter the tournament, access the Gauntlet, find a data store implant hidden in the dead acolytes skull, and escape with the Trial prize, a trader charter between Malfi and the Fydae System. The group met with the Inquisitors local contact within the pirate city, Port Divinus, Lord Cambria. After many near death experiences the group managed to come out on top and along with two other gladiatorial teams, entered the Gauntlet.

Session Two: Struggling for both illumination and direction, the group enters room after room where they are confronted with horrors of the Gauntlet. After reclaiming the Locator from an Adept the group makes attempts to obtain the data-implant but finds it difficult as the Locator indicates distance but no map. The players wander into a room where they are confronted with a servitor who presents them with a gauntlet of pain. A device meant to challenge their tolerance to nerve induced pain. In an attempt that some still debate as making any sense at all, Murphy tries to slip the gauntlet onto the servitor, which immediately sets off an explosive device nearly obliterating the entire group. After taking some time to rest the group struggles on…

Session Three: After a brief period of rest to heal up the group continues its explorations. Following the Locators directions the group ascends into an upper level of the Gauntlet where they are confronted by further horrors. Among them they meet with a powerful mystic called Noy who serves Lord Trisian as a Trial Master. As Trial Master, Noy presents the group with three tests in order to continue further into the Gauntlet. Though it was trying the group managed to barely make it through and pass into a new area of the Gauntlet. In a deep pit they discover a passage where within a cave a monstrous humanoid boar mutant attacks the group, defeating it they discover amidst a pile of corpses the Data Implant. Also, they make contact with the remainder of the Mercenary team that came after them and form an alliance in the hope of escaping the Gauntlet and possibly serving Stegg on board the Crimson Chalice.

Session Four: In the final stage of the scenario the players continue their explorations of the Gauntlet. During this time they come across a pair of Eldar that are engaged in melee combat with Orcs. With the aid of the players and their newfound Imperial Brontian Knives allies they overcome the Orcs and form a tenuous pact with the Eldar in order to make it through the Gauntlet. The group comes to a door where beyond is a second trialmaster. The trialmaster tests the group through various puzzles and a death room that they must escape from or be crushed alive. Making their way past the trialmaster the group finds the exit out of the Gauntlet and is met by Lord Governor Trisian who awards them with the compact of trade, thus completing the scenario.

Mission: Badges in Darkness

Regulus serves as the planetary seat of the Cestelle Alliance, one of the sectors major food suppliers. Without their regular tithes of food the entire sector would soon starve. As such they remain a powerful and influential force despite a reputation as “new money” amongst their more long winded peers. The story begins with one of the Arbite characters being contacted by their command to perform a special service for nobleman of the Alliance, Lord Halaster Peit. In an effort to remain both discreet and avoid unneeded attention from the Inquisition, Lord Peit worked out arrangements to have the Arbitrators assist in an investigation that local Enforcers have remained baffled by. Three months ago began a series of grizzly murders, as yet eleven people of the small coastal village of Sandpoint have fallen pray to a devious serial killer. The locals have titled the killer “Fah Har”, the name of a local mythological demon that preys upon the innocent. One of the unfortunate victims was Lord Peit’s nieces, Janen Toryl, one of the first victims along with two of her friends. Both were discovered decapitated and their bodies strung up in trees covered with severe lacerations. All of the other victims were killed in equally gruesome manners. Sandpoint has all but been evacuated except for a few of the more settled locals who have vested interests too good to leave. The acolytes locate the home of the killer and after entering are soon locked in only to learn that it is the fabled murder room. The players manage to find a way out and end up walking out and into a serf child’s closet on the planet Malfi.

News clipping

Mission 8, The House of Dust and Ash

039.816.M41-043.816.M41: The acolytes have been sent to the planet Solomon to help another inquisitor infiltrate an auction of illegal xenos and heretical artifacts once belonged to the legendary rogue trader Solomon Haarlock. The acolytes infiltrate the auction held on the Burning Isle within the massive tomb complex and final resting place of Solomon Haarlock known as the House of Dust and Ash. During the auction one of the artifacts comes to life and announces that all present are trapped within and must make locate the scion of Haarlock and offer his blood to her in order to escape before a great doom befalls them. The acolytes discover through a strange mirror/portrait that Stegg Avari, their groups Scum, is the scion of Haarlock. Through this discovery the acolytes manage to open a doorway hidden within Solomon Haarlocks crypt that lead them into the hull of an ancient vessel known as The Crimson Chalice. The ship comes alive as soon as Stegg steps onto the ancient bridge causing an autopilot feature to fly the acolytes off planet and into low orbit over Solomon, only hours before the Burning Isle erupts, destroying the House of Dust and Ash. During their investigation in the House of Dust and Ash, the acolytes managed to overcome a Slaugth who served as Myrchella Sinderfells master. Sinderfell and Greel are both under arrest and are held within The Crimson Chalice hold.

“Murphy looked down at his chrono to check the time, about six hours left, by the Golden Throne time was slipping away quickly. Seven hours ago, during the final showing for the Haarlock auction, one of the damned auction items decided to open its mouth and spit out a warning prophesy about how everyone in the House of Dust and Ash would die in thirteen hours if the blood of the zion of Haarlock was not offered, then a void shield encased the complex preventing any means of escape, cutting off vox communication to the outside. He and his cadre had been operating covertly as the retinue to a nobleman, a role Judge Severus reluctantly had to play. But after the warning had been issued, all manner of chaos ensued, the caretakers of this place called the Mourners had seemingly lost their minds and began indiscriminately murdering everyone, including the PDF, adepts, and auctioneers. It was a blood bath that had driven Murphy and his team back to their quarters to reequip and develop a plan…easier said than done. They had reequipped themselves, made contact with the remaining PDF units, and successfully located and eliminated the leader of the Mourners, incidentally rescuing a number of hostages the Mourners had planned on executing by throwing them into a massive furnace in the crematoria. Just as things seemed to be looking up the power shut off causing the ventilation systems and light to shut off. The House of Dust and Ash was an ancient burial ground, thousands of years old and was exclusively used to bury the legendary rogue trader Solomon Haarlock, his line, and the wealthiest nobles of the planet Solomon. It was also built into the side of a silent volcano. Needless to say, without power the air purifiers would not work and the gas emissions coming from the bowels of the volcano could prove fatal. Murphy and his team began to feel the tension grow as they went to dark vision and began removing layers of armor and clothing to prevent from passing out due to the continually increasing volcanic heat. He pulled a rag from his pocket and wiped some condensation from the lens of his sniper scope, made the hand gesture to “advance” to the rest of his team that followed behind and began to move forward through the white stone corridor. Up ahead he noticed a strange green glow eminating from a large archway. A woman’s blood wrenching scream tore through the silence suddenly startling Murphy and his acolyte team. Looking into the room Murphy could see it was wide and deep, a green glow illuminated everything, seeming to originate from a carnal scene that made Murphy’s stomach wrench with disgust. A massive pile of freshly killed bodies had been piled up nearly to the ceiling of the chamber. A green light was slithering through the mass of corpses creating a disturbing suckling and crunching sound as it shifted its way along. On the other side of the pile of corpses, huddled into a corner was Myrchella Sinderfell, Murphy could recognize her from the briefing pics he had seen in an earlier briefing with Inquisitor Graves. She was a notorious criminal, cold blooded, corrupt, but here she was beyond her element. Something alien and diabolical drove her into a paralyzing state of fear that chilled Murphy. Sigusmund, the teams’ psyker, approached the room; a white flame began to dance around his body as he bravely entered the chamber. Sigismund was the most powerful pyromancer Murphy had ever seen, during his time with the team he had seen masses of heretics consumed by his hell fires. As he watched, Sigismund approached the mound of corpses and began some incantation. Before he could complete his spell a monstrous fist tore through the mound of corpses knocking Sigismund completely across the room, smashing him against the far wall. Emerging from the pile of bodies was a monstrous humanoid being, writhed in thick layers of writhing maggots and wielding a glowing green scepter. Murphy struggled against the fear to flee and raised his rifle to take aim. His shot slammed into the creatures’ body, casting maggoty bits about but apparently causing the being no serious damage. It turned, pointed the strange green scepter followed by a liquid like energy sizzling across the chamber directly at him…”

The house of dust and ash

Mission 7, Operation Shades of Twilight

038.816.M41-039.816.M41: A massive space hulk codenamed Twilight exits the warp within the Golgenna Reach sub sector on a direct course for Scintilla. A beacon belonging to a long lost witch hunter is picked up by the Imperial Navy. The acolytes are transported onto the Twilight along with Brother-Sergeant Agamorr of the Death Watch chapter. On board, the acolytes come face to face with the ghostly residents within the remains of one of the Black Ships. Dark Eldar arrive and attempt to recover a book left in the possession of the lost inquisitors body. With the aid of another acolyte team sent by Inquisitor Severus, the dark eldar are driven off. During the melee the mysterious book is stolen by one of the assisting acolytes who is later discovered to have been a double agent for the Amaranthine Syndicate. Despite the loss of the book, the acolytes successfully recover the lost inquisitors legendary blade and power armor. Both artifacts are returned to the Holy Inquisition. After the players depart from the space hulk, the imperial navy obliterates it.

Mission 6, Baron Hopes

016.816.M41-037.816.M41: The Acolyte team returns to Sepherus Secundus along with Baron Ulbrexis, a long time prisoner in the Bastion Serpentis. The acolytes investigate the activities of a rebel mutant organization known as the Broken Chains. Baron Ulbrexis, who is revered as a saint by the planetary locals, aids the team in locating and defeating the Broken Chains leader. It is later learned that the Broken Chains received their weaponry from the Amaranthines for a purpose that is unknown. Ulbrexis is executed by the acolytes as per their orders upon the completion of the mission, his remains were cast out into space along with the ships waste.

Mission 5, Ghostfire shipment security detail

001.816.M41-015.816.M41: The Acolytes are tasked with helping Orland Myr perform a tithe run for a Scintillan nobleman. The acolytes travel to Iocanthos to provide security and maintain a watch on Orland Myr. On the return trip the ship exits the warp off target and ends up attacked by pirates. Repairs force the Ocsillion to travel to the nearest Imperial world for parts and supplies. The group arrives at the colonial planet Providence III and upon arrival fail to make vox communication with the locals. The acolytes are sent down to investigate and find that the colonists have all been killed due to an apparent virus. Later it is discovered that a chaos being of vast primordial power was awakened by the colonists and is attempting to escape the planets surface. Making a hasty retreat to the Ocsillion the crew makes its repairs on the Geller fields in time to escape the chaos being.Later Ordo investigations find no presence of the chaos beast.

The Unknown Horror

Mission 4, Hunt for the Doomstone

172.815.M41-365.815.M41: The Tricorn Officio on Scintilla uncovers information regarding Aristarchus’ xeno tarot deck. A researcher who had explored a planet in the Koronus Expanse a few hundred years ago discovered a feudal planet where similar technology had been discovered. The Acolytes are sent off to this planet called Delphi to learn more about an artifact referred to as the Doomstone that supposedly employs similar technology to the tarot deck. The Acolytes are transported via the Ocsillion Cobra Class Cruiser by a young and foppish Rogue Trader named Orland Myr. Forced into servitude by the Inquisition, Orland was a trafficker of heretical items for the Amaranthine Syndicate and now serves the Inquisition under penalty of death. Upon arrival to Delphi the players are beset by a contingent of Amaranthine Mercenaries commanded by the notorious criminal Myrchella Sinderfell. The players fall into a trap and are captured. The team leader is interrogated, tortured, and executed, divulging sensitive information regarding their investigation. The players escape, recover the Doomstone, and escape the clutches of the Amaranthines. During their explorations the Acolytes stumble across an ancient tomb to the native Diety Sigmar who was one of the Lost Primarchs. As the Acolytes return to the Ocsillion they are hailed by another vessel belonging to the Astartes Death Watch chapter along with their commander Inquisitor Van Vuygens. The players are accosted and returned to Scintilla to confess before the Ordo Council that their Inquisitor is not guilty of heresy as is being claimed by Inquisitor Severus, a long time rival to Graves. The Primarch’s body is sent to Holy Terra. Graves is proven innocent upon the relinquishment of the Doomstone.

Mission 3, Operation Dark Edge

169.815.M41-171.815.M41: The Acolyte team is deployed to Hive Sibellus on the capitol planet, Scintilla to infiltrate the Coscarla district of the hive. Briefed concerning the possibility of a cult presence in the district the players immerse themselves covertly and gather intelligence regarding a series of missing persons. Later, it is discovered that a number of mysterious servitors are collecting residents during the pitch black nights. The players present themselves as bait, and eventually discover that a section of a condemned building is being used for heretical tech experiments by a rogue tech priest. After discovering the presence of the heretical events they report to their liaison who pulls them off the mission after ascertaining that rogue tech priest is a member of the Logicians. A strike team replaces the Acolytes who proceed with assaulting the heretical hide out.


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