Captain Stegg Avari-Haarlock

Captain of rogue trader "The Crimson Chalice", Inquistion Operative, Former Sibellan Fixer from tribal Fedrid


Captain Stegg Avari-Haarlock
Commander of rogue trader “The Crimson Chalice”.
Avari clan motto: “Its better to pay attention than pay taxes.” “Survival is 9/10ths of the Law”.

Stegg Avari-Haarlock is a prematurely gray-haired man of medium height and a lean physique. He has lively brown eyes and, aside from his tatooed bronze skin, has nondescript features.

Stegg’s style and dress has been described as understated yet his fancy walking cane is never far from hand. His mannerisms can quickly alternate between coldly intellectual and charmingly disarming. The serves the Emperor as his duty and his dynasty as his passion seeking high risk high profit ventures while jealously guarding his bloodline. The Captain is a natural with children and in social circles and particularly enjoys games of chance.

Captain Stegg Avari-Haarlock

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