Sanctioned Imperial Psyker


Home World: Orbital Satellite

Career Path:Imperial Psyker

Rank:Savant Warrant

Height: 1.65m Weight:55kg

Skin Colour: Bluish

Hair Colour:Copper

Color:Black** Age:27



Not much is known of our Imperial Psyker, being born in the void of space has given him a stand off demeanor and not too much for the mingling, even with his comrades.

Know this, he posses the awesome ability to wreak devastation on the God Emperors enemies, let the hell spawn and the daemons quake at his coming !

Only a level three Psyker yet he poses powers that are far beyond his control, or so it seems.

Foot note

Psykers are soul-bound to the Emperor, a psychic ritual that hardens their minds and souls against possession by the daemonic entities of the Warp. It is invariably those psykers recruited as children who are given further training to fill important positions in the Imperium as sanctioned psykers (one well known example is the Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor).


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