Novus Icktov

A tech Priest whose not afraid to kick some ass for his beliefs.


“From the weakness of the mind, Omnissiah save us,
From the lies of the Antipath, circuit preserve us,
From the rage of the Beast, iron protect us,
From the temptations of the Fleshlord, silica cleanse us,
From the ravages of the Destroyer, anima shield us,
From the rotting cage of biomatter,
Machine God set us free."
-Chants of the Journeyman, Verse III/w-k-03.

Home world: Forge

Career: Explorator

Rank: 4 (Rogue Trader character)

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 2"

Weight: 200lbs

Skin: Caucasian

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Age: 27

Titles: Head Tech-Adept of The Crimson Chalice

Novus is a tall, thin being that appears to be more machine then man. His face, scarred from the initiation to The Divine Light of Sollex’s ranks, is cover by both his breathing mask and his hood. He is mostly (if not always) seen wearing a Crimson/Rust red robe like jacket with yellow trimming, the garb of the Machine Cult. Beneath this robe is sight that may drive normal men crazy; for wires, gears, and other such holy tech are hidden from the eyes of of those not worthy to see the gifts of the Omnissiah. Various Pouches filled to the brim with bolts, nuts, and other tech components cling to his reinfoced belt made from flexi-metal, along with his favored Combi-tool, and various Sacred Ungents. On his back, rests the Cyber-Mantle, or “True Flesh”, which is used to attach various holy implants that help when needed. Buzzing around his head is his Servo-Skull Bobo, who was created from the skull of an un-intelligent house servant. The soul of this servant seems to have stayed with the skull, as despite having intelligence chips and other such technology, Bobo still seems to retain it’s idiocy, much to the discontent of it’s master.



The Quest for Knowledge drives the Mechanicus to the stars; forgotten Archeotech and un-catalogued celestial phenomena await, the voice of the Omnissiah awaiting to be witnessed.
-Explorator Enginseer Acula

Novus doesn’t remember much of his past or “Fleshy Memories” as he calls them. He was born and raised on one of the Imperium’s Forge worlds that was a constant battleground against Tech Heretics, He was saved by The Divine Light of Sollex, joined their ranks and he now fights to preserve ancient tech from the grasp of the Tech Heretics, Xenos, and others who seek to pervert it. He is fiercely devoted to the the Omnissiah and will plant his Omnisian Axe straight into the face of the fleshy goo bag that dare utter an offense to the Machine God.

Besides ridding the galaxies of Tech Heretics, Novus’s mission in life, as is the mission of every Priest of the Machine God, is the quest of knowledge, which he will go great lengths to the acquire, even if it kills him . Xeno tech, technology from isolated human civilizations, this quest takes many forms, including research and exploration, but its ultimate embodiment is the search for ancient STC (Standard Template Construct) systems. STC systems were created during the highest scientific point of the Dark Age of Technology, and are huge bases of computerized information which come from Holy Terra herself. For thousands of years the Adeptus Mechanicus has pursued all information about the STC, and Novus is as passionate about finding any piece of it as his brothers are. It is their lost bible, Holy Grail and Cup of Knowledge. Any scrap of information is eagerly sought out and jealously hoarded.

To Novus, as well as most of the Adeptus Mechanicus, his flesh is but a weakness. He wishes to become a cataclysm of knowledge, like the great Magos before him. To become one with the Omnissiah is to become whole, and to do so is to become one with machine. His brain is but a storage unit, and his organs weak entrails which only halt him from becoming which he desires most, a Magos. To serve the Omnissiah and in a lesser extent his Captain upon The Crimson Chalice, and live by The Sixteen Universal Laws, are his greatest goals.

Novus Icktov

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