Commissar Rothgar the Bloodeye


Home World: None (Raised by the Schola Progenium)

Career: Commissar

Rank: Commissar (5th rank Dark Heresy character)

Gender: Male



Skin: Tan

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue (Left eye) and Red (right eye)

Age: 36

Date of campaign inception: (currently a back up character)

Armour: Commissar Headdress; Commissar Great Coat of office (Great Flack Jacket); Under Coat (Heavy Leathers)

Favorite Weapon: FEAR (Cinder Crag Forged “Mauler” Bolt Pistol)

Like all of his fellow Commissars, Rothgar wears the red/gold great coat and peaked cap of his office. Various scars decorate his stern cold face, among those: Two claw marks given to him by Kroot Shaper Ora’ak, who captured his regiment and then let them go, to tell a tale not to cross the Tau and the Kroot again. The most disturbing feature of Rothgar, is his right eye. The Sciera (the white part) of the eye is blood red, caused by damaged blood vessels. This adds more to the effect of instilling fear into the cowering guardsmen who have thoughts of running from the fight, and if that doesn’t work, a bolt from his personal Bolt Pistol, “Fear”, will make sure they will no longer have to worry about fighting or running.h6. Your title here…


“Weep for him, for his faith was not sufficient.” The commissar indicated the fallen officer. “Rejoice, for my faith is bottomless. Forward, for The Emperor!”

There was life before the Schola Progenium, then there was life after the Schola Progenium. Before, Rothgar was an orphan on some war torn planet. Orks, Chaos, every bloodthirsty savage from beyond the stars had tried to kill his home world. His parents were killed in an Orkish Raid when he was five, he survived by hiding in a secret shelter the stupid creatures were too ignorant to find, he was found and sent to the Schola Progenium and his life started a new. He spent 15 years becoming a stern leader, and the experience has brought him to many wars, and he has left many Bolts in the skulls of Heretics, Xenos, Mutants, and any warrior that would dare turn his back from the battle. On one of his first battles, while he was still a cadet under Commissar Halus Gostav, his regiment was taken surprise and captured by the carnivorous Kroot Shaper Ora’ak. Halus was killed, and half of the regiment were forced to eat him while the Rothgar other half were tortured. Many were killed. After two weeks of torture the regiment was let go, and each of the surviving members were given two claw marks on the left side of their face: A reminder never to get in the way of the Tau and the Kroot again. When Rothgar reached the age of 35, he was assigned to various missions from the Inquisition.

Commissar Rothgar the Bloodeye

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