Brother Sergeant Agamorr

Commander of the Calixis Deathwatch Astartes Chapter


A stalwart and rough-cut warrior Agamorr has served the Deathwatch Chapter honorably for over two-hundred years. Adorned in archaic armor, Agamorr is the living embodiment of the God Emperors merciless fury. During a recent mission onto the space hulk code named Twilight (see Mission 7, Operation Shades of Twilight), Agamorr was beset by a horde of warp hounds which ravaged away the majority of the flesh on his skull, not interested in cosmetic reconstruction Agamorr now bears the patchwork scars proudly.


Agamorr serves as the acting second to Inquisitor Van Vuygens as commander to the Calixis Deathwatch Chapter. Though relatively new, the Calixis Deathwatch Chapter was established upon Ordo investigations into increased Eldar activities in the sector as well as other more nefarious denizens of the Halo Stars. Prior to his current position, Agamorr served as a senior battle brother for a Deathwatch Chapter in the Segmentum Pacificus. While the players were serving on the planet Delphi for the Doomstone, Agamorr and Inquisitor Vuygens played a major supportive role in the recovery of the Doomstone from the ruins of an Orc crypt where a warp gate was found leading to the sepulcher of Sigmar, a lost Primarch. This phenomenal event bound the Deathwatch Chapter to Inquisitor Graves and his acolytes in eternal friendship.

Brother Sergeant Agamorr

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