Bale Star

Mission 9: The Trial of Champions

Mission date: 263.816.M41-335.816.M41

Session One: After a meeting with Inquisitor Graves your team traveled to the Malfian Subsector and into the Fydae System to locate the remains of Inquisitor Graves’ undercover agent. As the Inquisitor had informed, one of his acolytes was acting as an undercover agent within the Malfian branch of the Amaranthine Syndicate. Unfortunately he had been discovered and was forced to enter into a gladiatorial tournament called the Trial of Champions. He had made it through the preliminaries and entered into the final part of the Trial known as the Gauntlet. It was within this event that he had perished. The players are sent to the planet Fydae Minos to enter the tournament, access the Gauntlet, find a data store implant hidden in the dead acolytes skull, and escape with the Trial prize, a trader charter between Malfi and the Fydae System. The group met with the Inquisitors local contact within the pirate city, Port Divinus, Lord Cambria. After many near death experiences the group managed to come out on top and along with two other gladiatorial teams, entered the Gauntlet.

Session Two: Struggling for both illumination and direction, the group enters room after room where they are confronted with horrors of the Gauntlet. After reclaiming the Locator from an Adept the group makes attempts to obtain the data-implant but finds it difficult as the Locator indicates distance but no map. The players wander into a room where they are confronted with a servitor who presents them with a gauntlet of pain. A device meant to challenge their tolerance to nerve induced pain. In an attempt that some still debate as making any sense at all, Murphy tries to slip the gauntlet onto the servitor, which immediately sets off an explosive device nearly obliterating the entire group. After taking some time to rest the group struggles on…

Session Three: After a brief period of rest to heal up the group continues its explorations. Following the Locators directions the group ascends into an upper level of the Gauntlet where they are confronted by further horrors. Among them they meet with a powerful mystic called Noy who serves Lord Trisian as a Trial Master. As Trial Master, Noy presents the group with three tests in order to continue further into the Gauntlet. Though it was trying the group managed to barely make it through and pass into a new area of the Gauntlet. In a deep pit they discover a passage where within a cave a monstrous humanoid boar mutant attacks the group, defeating it they discover amidst a pile of corpses the Data Implant. Also, they make contact with the remainder of the Mercenary team that came after them and form an alliance in the hope of escaping the Gauntlet and possibly serving Stegg on board the Crimson Chalice.

Session Four: In the final stage of the scenario the players continue their explorations of the Gauntlet. During this time they come across a pair of Eldar that are engaged in melee combat with Orcs. With the aid of the players and their newfound Imperial Brontian Knives allies they overcome the Orcs and form a tenuous pact with the Eldar in order to make it through the Gauntlet. The group comes to a door where beyond is a second trialmaster. The trialmaster tests the group through various puzzles and a death room that they must escape from or be crushed alive. Making their way past the trialmaster the group finds the exit out of the Gauntlet and is met by Lord Governor Trisian who awards them with the compact of trade, thus completing the scenario.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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