Bale Star

Mission 8, The House of Dust and Ash

039.816.M41-043.816.M41: The acolytes have been sent to the planet Solomon to help another inquisitor infiltrate an auction of illegal xenos and heretical artifacts once belonged to the legendary rogue trader Solomon Haarlock. The acolytes infiltrate the auction held on the Burning Isle within the massive tomb complex and final resting place of Solomon Haarlock known as the House of Dust and Ash. During the auction one of the artifacts comes to life and announces that all present are trapped within and must make locate the scion of Haarlock and offer his blood to her in order to escape before a great doom befalls them. The acolytes discover through a strange mirror/portrait that Stegg Avari, their groups Scum, is the scion of Haarlock. Through this discovery the acolytes manage to open a doorway hidden within Solomon Haarlocks crypt that lead them into the hull of an ancient vessel known as The Crimson Chalice. The ship comes alive as soon as Stegg steps onto the ancient bridge causing an autopilot feature to fly the acolytes off planet and into low orbit over Solomon, only hours before the Burning Isle erupts, destroying the House of Dust and Ash. During their investigation in the House of Dust and Ash, the acolytes managed to overcome a Slaugth who served as Myrchella Sinderfells master. Sinderfell and Greel are both under arrest and are held within The Crimson Chalice hold.

“Murphy looked down at his chrono to check the time, about six hours left, by the Golden Throne time was slipping away quickly. Seven hours ago, during the final showing for the Haarlock auction, one of the damned auction items decided to open its mouth and spit out a warning prophesy about how everyone in the House of Dust and Ash would die in thirteen hours if the blood of the zion of Haarlock was not offered, then a void shield encased the complex preventing any means of escape, cutting off vox communication to the outside. He and his cadre had been operating covertly as the retinue to a nobleman, a role Judge Severus reluctantly had to play. But after the warning had been issued, all manner of chaos ensued, the caretakers of this place called the Mourners had seemingly lost their minds and began indiscriminately murdering everyone, including the PDF, adepts, and auctioneers. It was a blood bath that had driven Murphy and his team back to their quarters to reequip and develop a plan…easier said than done. They had reequipped themselves, made contact with the remaining PDF units, and successfully located and eliminated the leader of the Mourners, incidentally rescuing a number of hostages the Mourners had planned on executing by throwing them into a massive furnace in the crematoria. Just as things seemed to be looking up the power shut off causing the ventilation systems and light to shut off. The House of Dust and Ash was an ancient burial ground, thousands of years old and was exclusively used to bury the legendary rogue trader Solomon Haarlock, his line, and the wealthiest nobles of the planet Solomon. It was also built into the side of a silent volcano. Needless to say, without power the air purifiers would not work and the gas emissions coming from the bowels of the volcano could prove fatal. Murphy and his team began to feel the tension grow as they went to dark vision and began removing layers of armor and clothing to prevent from passing out due to the continually increasing volcanic heat. He pulled a rag from his pocket and wiped some condensation from the lens of his sniper scope, made the hand gesture to “advance” to the rest of his team that followed behind and began to move forward through the white stone corridor. Up ahead he noticed a strange green glow eminating from a large archway. A woman’s blood wrenching scream tore through the silence suddenly startling Murphy and his acolyte team. Looking into the room Murphy could see it was wide and deep, a green glow illuminated everything, seeming to originate from a carnal scene that made Murphy’s stomach wrench with disgust. A massive pile of freshly killed bodies had been piled up nearly to the ceiling of the chamber. A green light was slithering through the mass of corpses creating a disturbing suckling and crunching sound as it shifted its way along. On the other side of the pile of corpses, huddled into a corner was Myrchella Sinderfell, Murphy could recognize her from the briefing pics he had seen in an earlier briefing with Inquisitor Graves. She was a notorious criminal, cold blooded, corrupt, but here she was beyond her element. Something alien and diabolical drove her into a paralyzing state of fear that chilled Murphy. Sigusmund, the teams’ psyker, approached the room; a white flame began to dance around his body as he bravely entered the chamber. Sigismund was the most powerful pyromancer Murphy had ever seen, during his time with the team he had seen masses of heretics consumed by his hell fires. As he watched, Sigismund approached the mound of corpses and began some incantation. Before he could complete his spell a monstrous fist tore through the mound of corpses knocking Sigismund completely across the room, smashing him against the far wall. Emerging from the pile of bodies was a monstrous humanoid being, writhed in thick layers of writhing maggots and wielding a glowing green scepter. Murphy struggled against the fear to flee and raised his rifle to take aim. His shot slammed into the creatures’ body, casting maggoty bits about but apparently causing the being no serious damage. It turned, pointed the strange green scepter followed by a liquid like energy sizzling across the chamber directly at him…”

The house of dust and ash


This last session left all you players in a pretty tight spot, battling an psker untouchable maggot creature within the unlit interior of the House of Dust and Ash, with only a few hours left before you see if the Gilded Widows threat is true. What is your teams plan for getting out of this fix and what do you plan on doing with the whole Myrchella Sinderfell issue? By the way, it was good to have Kurtis back in the mix.


I’m going to chew bubble gum and kick some ass…Damn…I’m all out of gum.


Its good to have Kurtis back, the group once again has an actual combat oriented player. Given that the creature is nothing but maggots, I think setting fire to it would be a good thing, even if we can’t use the Psyker’s ability. I have a theory, I have oil in my bag (not the sacred ungence, but regular old oil), if we can get this oil on the thing, then ignite it by either natural flame or by chance the Psyker’s flame (it may be a stretch). My theory is that maggots burn fast in flame, and being something that is made in its entirely (that we know of) this thing will catch fast. Of course, I could be wrong and we could all die a quick and painful death.

Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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