Bale Star

Mission 7, Operation Shades of Twilight

038.816.M41-039.816.M41: A massive space hulk codenamed Twilight exits the warp within the Golgenna Reach sub sector on a direct course for Scintilla. A beacon belonging to a long lost witch hunter is picked up by the Imperial Navy. The acolytes are transported onto the Twilight along with Brother-Sergeant Agamorr of the Death Watch chapter. On board, the acolytes come face to face with the ghostly residents within the remains of one of the Black Ships. Dark Eldar arrive and attempt to recover a book left in the possession of the lost inquisitors body. With the aid of another acolyte team sent by Inquisitor Severus, the dark eldar are driven off. During the melee the mysterious book is stolen by one of the assisting acolytes who is later discovered to have been a double agent for the Amaranthine Syndicate. Despite the loss of the book, the acolytes successfully recover the lost inquisitors legendary blade and power armor. Both artifacts are returned to the Holy Inquisition. After the players depart from the space hulk, the imperial navy obliterates it.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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