Bale Star

Mission 5, Ghostfire shipment security detail

001.816.M41-015.816.M41: The Acolytes are tasked with helping Orland Myr perform a tithe run for a Scintillan nobleman. The acolytes travel to Iocanthos to provide security and maintain a watch on Orland Myr. On the return trip the ship exits the warp off target and ends up attacked by pirates. Repairs force the Ocsillion to travel to the nearest Imperial world for parts and supplies. The group arrives at the colonial planet Providence III and upon arrival fail to make vox communication with the locals. The acolytes are sent down to investigate and find that the colonists have all been killed due to an apparent virus. Later it is discovered that a chaos being of vast primordial power was awakened by the colonists and is attempting to escape the planets surface. Making a hasty retreat to the Ocsillion the crew makes its repairs on the Geller fields in time to escape the chaos being.Later Ordo investigations find no presence of the chaos beast.

The Unknown Horror


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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