Bale Star

Mission 4, Hunt for the Doomstone

172.815.M41-365.815.M41: The Tricorn Officio on Scintilla uncovers information regarding Aristarchus’ xeno tarot deck. A researcher who had explored a planet in the Koronus Expanse a few hundred years ago discovered a feudal planet where similar technology had been discovered. The Acolytes are sent off to this planet called Delphi to learn more about an artifact referred to as the Doomstone that supposedly employs similar technology to the tarot deck. The Acolytes are transported via the Ocsillion Cobra Class Cruiser by a young and foppish Rogue Trader named Orland Myr. Forced into servitude by the Inquisition, Orland was a trafficker of heretical items for the Amaranthine Syndicate and now serves the Inquisition under penalty of death. Upon arrival to Delphi the players are beset by a contingent of Amaranthine Mercenaries commanded by the notorious criminal Myrchella Sinderfell. The players fall into a trap and are captured. The team leader is interrogated, tortured, and executed, divulging sensitive information regarding their investigation. The players escape, recover the Doomstone, and escape the clutches of the Amaranthines. During their explorations the Acolytes stumble across an ancient tomb to the native Diety Sigmar who was one of the Lost Primarchs. As the Acolytes return to the Ocsillion they are hailed by another vessel belonging to the Astartes Death Watch chapter along with their commander Inquisitor Van Vuygens. The players are accosted and returned to Scintilla to confess before the Ordo Council that their Inquisitor is not guilty of heresy as is being claimed by Inquisitor Severus, a long time rival to Graves. The Primarch’s body is sent to Holy Terra. Graves is proven innocent upon the relinquishment of the Doomstone.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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