Bale Star

Mission 3, Operation Dark Edge

169.815.M41-171.815.M41: The Acolyte team is deployed to Hive Sibellus on the capitol planet, Scintilla to infiltrate the Coscarla district of the hive. Briefed concerning the possibility of a cult presence in the district the players immerse themselves covertly and gather intelligence regarding a series of missing persons. Later, it is discovered that a number of mysterious servitors are collecting residents during the pitch black nights. The players present themselves as bait, and eventually discover that a section of a condemned building is being used for heretical tech experiments by a rogue tech priest. After discovering the presence of the heretical events they report to their liaison who pulls them off the mission after ascertaining that rogue tech priest is a member of the Logicians. A strike team replaces the Acolytes who proceed with assaulting the heretical hide out.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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