Bale Star

Mission 10: Search for The Righteous Path

Start Date: 342.816.M41

Session One: After the completion of the Trial of Champions the Acolyte cadre was abducted by the planetary governor in an effort to gain information as to why they sought to acquire the data implant. It was by Inquisitor Graves’ intervention that the Acolytes were freed. Upon their return to Scintilla the group was granted leave time to attend to personal matters. Following up on a message from a distant servant of Stegg’s true Haarlock grandfather the group travels to Port Wander to meet. The servant gave the group a mnemolith (Astropathic messaging device)which gave vague details as to the location of the fabled ship The Righteous Path within the Koronus Expanse. Following the clues the group voyages beyond the Imperium and into Winterscales Realm, within a rarely traversed star system in the hope of locating the ancient treasure ship. Unfortunately a rival Rogue Trader is competing with them for the fabled vessel while the possibility of bounty hunters and a pair of Erasmus Haarlock’s most lethal assassins attempt to locate and kill Stegg.
SESSION 2: Upon your arrival at the Egrarian Dominion you began a search of the system for any clues to where the Righteous Path is located. The nearest planet was a frozen world and after an away team investigation it was learned that an Orc presence is within the system as well as an odd structure that emits an energy spike directed at the next planet. The second planet was a dessert planet. Upon its surface your team found a vast maze like ruin belonging once to an ancient civilization. You began a rcon investigation of the old city and made way to a large crystalline structure within its center. On the way, one of your rivals’ Guncutters crashed and was beset upon by native Orcs wielding primitive weapons. Your team attempted to eliminate all present at the crash site but though you successfully eliminated the small Orc war party two of the three crew of the Guncutter evaded your searches. Your team now proceeds to the large crystal structure.
Session 3: After a skirmish the group successfully recovers the Righteous Path thus increasing the value of Stegg’s dynasty. After the completion of the mission the Crimson Chalice sets off to recover Stegg’s adopted family to prevent any of his rivals, particularly those of the Haarlock line to use them as leverage.


Lord_Inquisitor Lord_Inquisitor

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