Bale Star

Mission: Badges in Darkness

Regulus serves as the planetary seat of the Cestelle Alliance, one of the sectors major food suppliers. Without their regular tithes of food the entire sector would soon starve. As such they remain a powerful and influential force despite a reputation as “new money” amongst their more long winded peers. The story begins with one of the Arbite characters being contacted by their command to perform a special service for nobleman of the Alliance, Lord Halaster Peit. In an effort to remain both discreet and avoid unneeded attention from the Inquisition, Lord Peit worked out arrangements to have the Arbitrators assist in an investigation that local Enforcers have remained baffled by. Three months ago began a series of grizzly murders, as yet eleven people of the small coastal village of Sandpoint have fallen pray to a devious serial killer. The locals have titled the killer “Fah Har”, the name of a local mythological demon that preys upon the innocent. One of the unfortunate victims was Lord Peit’s nieces, Janen Toryl, one of the first victims along with two of her friends. Both were discovered decapitated and their bodies strung up in trees covered with severe lacerations. All of the other victims were killed in equally gruesome manners. Sandpoint has all but been evacuated except for a few of the more settled locals who have vested interests too good to leave. The acolytes locate the home of the killer and after entering are soon locked in only to learn that it is the fabled murder room. The players manage to find a way out and end up walking out and into a serf child’s closet on the planet Malfi.

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