The Tyrant Star Campaign

For years the Calixis sector has been victim to a strange conspiracy that has eluded the Calixian Conclave. Strange goings on have been reported across the sector regarding the arrival of a black star, bringing planetary madness with it. In its coming is a herald, a being of terror and dreams, and in its wake only chaos. To most, the story of this Tyrant Star is only legend, a nightmare tale told in the shadows of the underhive or by the roaring fires of the spire halls. But the inquisition has no such fabrications, the reports keep coming, and the frequency has been increasing. The fear that such an event may occur on Scintilla is of gravest concern. In response to this threat the Calixian Conclave has formed the Tyrantine Cabal. A secretive group of Inquisitors dedicated to rooting out the mysteries of the Tyrant Star, or Komus Star as it has been called in ancient manuscripts. Of this cabal, Inquisitor Tyburn Graves has established himself as the newest member as well as the only Inquisitor to have had a major role in identifying agents of the Tyrant Star as well as the discovery of Stegg Haarlock, one of the last in the Haarlock bloodline. Key members of various criminal organizations from the Amaranthine Syndicate, Beast House, and the Pilgrims of Hayte.
In an effort to learn more about the Tyrant Star Inquisitor Graves has assembled a team of unique Acolytes. First and foremost among them are the crew of the Crimson Chalice Rogue Trader vessel commanded by Rogue Trader Stegg Avarii Haarlock the Prime of the Acolyte Cadre, Inquisitor Graves himself, and covert agents of the Imperium operating as the bridge crew of the Crimson Chalice. Their objective is to locate the herald of the Tyrant Star and to stop its return at any cost.

Bale Star

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